Nonsensical Ravings

I Got Thrown Out of a Bar Last Night

I got thrown out of a bar last night: A LESSON IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION


I got thrown out of a bar last night.

Not literally. Not like Ron White's getting thrown out of a bar. I was told I "could" tab out and leave. I had no choice. I wasn't losing my dignity for the sake of remaining in an unremarkable bar.

It's not the first time I've been asked to leave a bar. When I was 24, my husband went to Iraq for the first Gulf War. I fell into a depression (though I didn't know at the time that's what it was). …

Jingle Bellns!

WHEN I WAS YOUNG (around five or seven), my little abuelita sent me a Christmas card. Inside was a tiny red record made of a thin plastic or vinyl substance. Pliable so not thick like a 45rpm, but not as thin as plastic wrap. Maybe a little thicker than those goofy red mood fish we'd put in our hand and if it curled up it indicated we had unresolved anger issues or something.

Anyway, the little record played Jingle Bells on a turntable. The ladies on the record kind of sounded like they were singing Jingle Bellns with an unexplainable "n" included. …

Style or Substance? YES

When in comes to choosing style over substance in eLearning, I won't do it. 

I'll have both, please. There doesn't have to be a balance. The more you have of either, the better your work will become. What I'm suggesting doesn't include stuffing five pounds of flour in a one-pound bag. Nor does it mean designing your eLearning with fancy fonts or glitzy graphics.

VISUAL PLEASURE plays a part in nearly every aspect of our lives. One example: we arrange our homes in ways that reflect what we appreciate, while allowing us to walk freely between pieces of furniture. …

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